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      The term “photoepilation” covers both laser hair removal and pulsed light hair removal: both methods remove hair through the light they emit (photo=light). Most centers that advertise with the term “photoepilation” simply have pulsed light devices, which are cheaper and much less effective.

      But be careful: don’t let them confuse you!

      It has been proven that the alexandrite laser is the most effective method to achieve permanent hair removal, capable of acting on all skin phototypes. Its physical characteristics mean that the results are visible from the first session of laser hair removal, the skin is free of hair longer time and the number of sessions is considerably less, reducing the final price of a complete treatment. You can learn more details in los-beneficios-de-la-depilacion-laser-alejandrita-para-acabar-con-el-vello.

      Pulsed light, however, emits mixed light with different wavelengths that travel in different directions controlled by filters. Therefore, it provides less precision and effectiveness, making a greater number of sessions necessary for optimal results. Therefore, the final cost of the complete treatment increases.

      The main difference is the wavelength and power. The alexandrite laser penetrates 755nm under the skin, just the strip where the hair bulb is located.

      In addition, the alexandrite laser has greater power, which increases its effectiveness. That is why when people use the diode laser while they are tanned, it is applied with less energy and worse results.

      In general, for hair removal, the alexandrite laser is more efficient than the diode laser.

      When comparing prices, keep in mind that there are different brands with worse results. At Total Laser we have the latest technology from the main Western manufacturer.

      It also affecs the final result and the number of sessions necessary, the time spent in the cabin to do the session. At Total Laser we are not in a hurry and we make sure to treat the area until hair is completely gone.

      Centers that operate with pulsed light can offer lower prices because the equipment is cheaper and much less effective.

      Additionally, it is important to consider the final price of the complete treatment. Without a doubt, the alexandrite laser reduces the number of hair removal sessions and increases the time elapsed between each session. Because it is more comfortable, more economical and effective than pulsed light.

      Do not tan your skin. You cannot sunbathe, sunbathe, or use self-tanning products such as creams, wipes or makeup in the area to be treated.

      Bring your skin clean of any type of products or cream; If you do, tell our staff so they can remove it with a wipe before the session.

      If you wax, or any other method that removes hair from the roots, stop doing so at least 3 weeks before coming to Total Laser to make sure all the hair has grown back.

      Consult all your doubts. If you think we need to know something about your skin, tell us before starting the hair removal treatment, on the day of your first appointment, in which we will perform a small laser test.

      You can also consult our blog que-hacer-antes-y-después-de-la-depilación-laser.

      Avoid sun exposure in the treated area.

      Moisturizes the treated area, some clients feel the area somewhat dry. Skin hydration is good and promotes recovery from possible skin redness caused by the laser. Aloe vera is also a nice option.

      During the rest of the day of your laser hair removal session, avoid excessive physical exercise, swimming pools, saunas and any activity that makes overheat your body temperature.

      If you want more information, you can consult more tips at cuidados-para-nuestra-piel-tras-las-sesiones-de-depilacion-laser.

      Some clients, depending on the areas to be removed with laser, find the treatment somewhat uncomfortable, but the sensation disappears quickly. The discomfort is described as a buildup of heat in the area, a pinch, or small taps.

      We have different types of skin cooling during the treatment to minimize discomfort, protect the epidermis and achieve the maximum possible comfort feeling.

      Do you still have doubts? Well, take a look at our blog: does laser hair removal hurt?

      The number of laser hair removal sessions varies depending on the physical characteristics of the person – skin type and color, hair type and color, age, gender, hormonal disorders – and the area to be treated. Furthermore, hair is always in different growth phases and that influences the treatment. In the body area, the average ranges between 4 and 8 sessions of laser hair removal.

      In Facial areas, as they have very high hormonal levels, the number of sessions tends to be higher.

      In general, women need fewer sessions than men.

      For each body area, laser hair removal sessions should be carried out with an interval of at least 7 weeks, which is the time it takes for hair to grow back. In that period your treated area is free of hair.

      For the facial area, due to the high hormonal level, the interval is 4 weeks.

      As long as you do not have hair, you don’t have to come for your next session.

      As the number of laser hair removal sessions increases, the hair grows in less quantity and thiner, and as it weakens, it also usually takes more weeks to grow back. The growth phase of the hair during the session is also important.

      From the first session you will discover the wonders of alexandrite laser hair removal.

      It is a safe treatment.

      Immediately after the laser hair removal session, the treated area may turn a little red. This is a normal irritation called “erythema”, at Total Laser we use an aloe vera gel to refresh the area.

      What we call “perifollicular edema” may also appear; the external appearance is like a very small mosquito bite – which is neither itchy nor painful-; This occurs when we remove the plasma from the blood vessel and it creates a vacuum.

      The edema can last a few hours but it normally disappears after a short time.

      Don’t forget to follow our advice to enjoy the safety of the treatment.

      All the hair is burned off immediately and you leave the center with the area free of hair.

      The outer part disappears immediately but the inner part of hair, being retained by the pore, may take a few days to disappear.

      Sometimes it even seems like new hair is growing because the pore is expelling hair, but if we pull gently, the hair falls out.

      In the first sessions you may see a small black dot, it is the hair itself that, since it is still of a certain thickness, makes it more difficult for the body to expel it.

      Of course, it depends on the area to be treated. At Total Laser we take the time necessary to ensure that the area has been properly treated and covered with the laser.

      For example, a general average would be about fifteen minutes for laser lip hair removal to an hour and a half for full legs, but the size of the area and the person’s physiognomy have a lot of influence. The thigh of a larger and stronger person is not the same as that of a thin teenager, but at Total Laser we are in no hurry: we take the time necessary for each person.

      You can shave three or four days before the session so that the hair has a millimeter of lenght and we can see in which areas you have hair.

      If it is not your first session and you prefer it, you can also come shaved from the day before.

      Don’t forget, it is not advisable to wax at least 25 days before the session, using a razor or depilatory cream is no problem.

      The alexandrite laser gets its name because it has an alexandrite stone inside the equipment. Laser light passes through this stone, which gives it certain physical characteristics that make it ideal for permanent laser hair removal.

      The light from the alexandrite laser emits heat when it reaches dark colors, with light colors it has no reaction.

      Under normal circumstances, hair is darker than skin, so it burns hair without affecting adjacent tissues.

      Melanin is the dark pigment in our body. Hence the importance of not exposing the area to be treated to the sun at least 15 days before the session: melanin can darken the skin and cause not only hair but also skin to burn.

      In addition, the alexandrite laser is the only one that stimulates collagen and elastin in the skin, which promotes its elasticity and good appearance.

      Alexandrite laser hair removal has incredible results and works for most people and areas of the body.

      Once the first hair removal session is performed, the hair grows again after the seventh week. It always grows in smaller quantities and thiner but it grows again, that is when the session must be repeated.

      The laser weakens the hair bulb, the more sessions you do, the more weakened it will be. Until there comes a time when it no longer generates hair.

      If only one session is done, the bulb will not be weakened enough to stop growing hair and over time all the initial hair will grow back.

      Another important fact is that hair has three growth phases and laser hair removal is effective during the first phase.

      There are circumstances and diseases that makes hair regrow. And there are also areas that have a better response to the laser, depending on the hormonal level.

      For example, the upper lip shows much more resistance to laser than the armpits. Or men’s backs also need more sessions than women’s legs.

      It is also important to keep in mind that there is a type of very thin hair that laser does not identify and can become residual hair that cannot be treated with any laser.

      All areas of the body can be laser hair removed except for the eye sockets, as a matter of eye safety.

      Some areas are quicker to treat than others, but it is possible and safe to apply the alexandrite laser.

      Moles, black spots or tattoos cannot be treated with laser either as there is a risk of burning them. You can find more information on our blog about what areas are not treated with laser.

      You can use any method but if you use wax, keep in mind that you should wait at least 25 days to have the laser session, to ensure that all the hair has grown back.

      It can start in adolescence. In the case of women, at Total Laser we recommend that menstruation has begun, and even that it is regulated.

      Laser hair removal is safe but at Total Laser we believe that all precautions are worthless and we do not do laser hair removal on pregnant women.

      Keep in mind that pregnancy itself can produce hormonal disorders that generate greater hair growth, so it is better to wait until the baby is born.

      If you are breastfeeding, we will not be able to treat any area near the breasts: armpits, areolas…

      There are certain photosensitive medications that should not be taken during the session. Most medications do not have any problems, such as analgesics, antidepressants, etc.

      Don’t forget to ask us any questions about it, at Total Laser we are here to help you.

      Alexandrite laser hair removal is very effective with ingrown hair as it eliminates hair, in addition to regenerating collagen and elastin in the skin.