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      When it comes to taking care of our skin, facial treatments are essential. But a question arises: can I have a facial treatment if I have been or will be exposed to the sun? Don’t worry, let’s solve all your doubts!

      In this post, we’ll explore whether facials and sun exposure are compatible, as well as what treatments you should consider if you plan to spend time outdoors. All the details, below!


      Facial treatments and sun exposure: are they compatible?

      A common question many people have is whether facials and sun exposure are compatible. The short answer is that it depends on the type of facial treatment you are receiving and how it affects your skin.


      Treatments that ARE compatible with sun exposure

      Some facial treatments are perfectly compatible with sun exposure. Here are some examples:

      • Facial treatment with Led Matriskin: this treatment uses LED technology to stimulate collagen production and improve the appearance of the skin. It is safe to do this treatment and then expose yourself to the sun, as it does not make the face more sensitive to sunlight.
      • Radiofrequency facial treatment: radiofrequency is a safe facial treatment that can be performed all year round, even in the summer months when sun exposure is more frequent. This treatment helps improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
      • Microdermabrasion facial treatment: microdermabrasion is a treatment that removes the outer layers of skin to reveal smoother, renewed skin underneath. This treatment can be performed in summer but the skin may be more sensitive to sunlight during the following hours, so it is advisable to avoid direct sun exposure for one or two days after the treatment.


      Facial treatments with which you must be careful with sun exposure

      However, there are some facial treatments that can make the skin more sensitive to sunlight, requiring avoidance of sun exposure.

      It is important to note that you cannot have these treatments if you plan to spend time outdoors after receiving them. They are the following:

      • IPL Photorejuvenation Facial Treatment: This treatment uses intense pulsed light to treat a variety of skin imperfections, such as sun spots and redness. However, it can make the skin more sensitive to the sun as it acts on melanin. Therefore, it is important to avoid direct sun exposure for two weeks before and after treatment.


      Advantages of doing a facial treatment in summer

      Performing a facial treatment during the summer (such as Led matriskin or radiofrequency) can offer a series of significant advantages for your skin.

      • HIntense hydration: during the summer months, the skin tends to become more dehydrated due to the heat and sun. Facial treatments can provide intensive hydration that helps restore the skin’s moisture balance, leaving it soft, supple and radiant.
      • Rejuvenation and repair: exposure to the sun and other environmental elements can cause damage to the skin, such as dark spots, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. Summer facials can help repair and rejuvenate damaged skin, stimulating collagen production and promoting cell regeneration.
      • Protection against sun damage: some facial treatments, such as masks and antioxidant-rich serums, can help protect skin against UV damage. These products can help prevent premature skin aging and reduce the risk of sunburn.
      • Control of oily skin: summer heat and humidity can cause an increase in sebum production, which can lead to acne breakouts and oily skin. Facials can help control excess oil, clear clogged pores and prevent breakouts, leaving skin more balanced and clear.


      Ultimately, if you are considering a facial treatment and plan to spend time outdoors, it is important to take sun exposure into account. Always remember to protect your skin with an appropriate sunscreen and follow the aftercare recommendations provided by your specialist.

      If you want to know more about the best facial treatments to make your skin luminous, smooth and radiant, we already talked about it on our blog. Take a look.


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